Almond Farm, LLC in Concord


Almond Farm, LLC in Concord established in 2013 started on a four acre lot in the front yard of Zachary Almond's home. We have since then expanded to forty acres turning a dream into a passion.


We take pride into putting the freshest produce straight from our farm to your table. We offer a variety of produce from the freshest veggies to the best seasonal fruits.


From summer veggies, to fall festivals, to your family Christmas tree, Almond Farm has all that you need!


Barn Built September 2019

Zack Almond and his wife, Cori built a barn for them to get married in. Almond Farm was built on the dream of having people on the farm to share the love Zack and Cori have for people and farming. 

We are excited to announce that Almond Farm is renting out the barn for events, weddings, birthday parties, and other fun activities you wish to have on the farm.